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Saturday, April 30


Lacrosse is up and running! i Love it! Finally a sport that brings me pleasure. (: Woke up today, excited. (That doesn't happen very often.) I opened my balcony door, only to find Three inches of snow. Are. You. Kidding. Me?!?!

It's almost M-A-Y!

So anyways, after a few phone calls, i found our games weren't canceled. 
We spend an hour using our sticks and snow blowers to clear the field enough to at least see the lines.
Lone behold, the second we finish, the other team gets here. 
Wayta' help. I don't think any of us could feel any part of our bodies. 

Long story short, we won both games! 
(1-? 9-4  2- Park City. 10-2. )